Corlette Street is within the Cooks Hill Conservation Area however the site is identified as a non-contributory item. The Heritage Manual identifies Cooks Hill as “densely settled and had acquired the character of a worker’s village.” and “urban character, visually interesting streetscapes, and the rich mix of historic buildings that unify and give the suburb its special character.”


A small cottage currently occupies a large lot and the brief was for an alteration and addition to the existing dwelling and a new secondary dwelling to the rear. The project provides a contemporary in-fill development close to the heart of Newcastle’s fast growing urban center.


The original building is mostly maintained, partial demolition of the original living room creates a new outdoor living space that takes advantage of the Northern orientation. Spaces are carefully choreographed for each dwelling, as you move from the front door courtyard spaces draw you through the plan. The second story is concealed within the roof space and a shingle tile becomes the uniform treatment above the lower brick datum.